Not an Asshole

"They're like the KKK...or Uh-Oh Oreo Death Eaters!"

So I managed to register for Pottermore, by staying up until 7 am and sleeping until 2. And I felt very excited and accomplished...but all day today, as I was bitching about my sleep-deprivation, well-meaning people would ask "So what is 'Pottermore' exactly?" And I would smile and start to explain it, and it went something like this:

"It's a sight with some stuff and the books and things happen and..."


So, albeit being happy about it, this is kind of how I feel:


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Oh my God, I'm posting again.

Mostly because I start Grad school in a month or so, and I need to write. I say that all the time, I know, and I probably won't - but if nothing else, I'll just talk about my day. Post some fic. When I feel like it, which is more freeing than any sort of livejournal-related promise I've ever made before.

But it's been ten years since I started this thing. It would be a shame to waste it now.

Anyway, fic. I have a great title, and a great opening quote. one to write it about. So we're off to a rollicking good start.
Tipping the Velvet

HRC National Dinner: President Obama

For anyone who isn't my friend on Facebook and didn't see this.

Most people just don't understand what it feels like to -finally- have the leader of your country be absolutely clear on their support. I can't help but feel hopeful.

Thanks, Obama. Please don't let these promises be empty. A lot of us are counting on it.